Allied Earth Federation

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The Earth Sphere Federation (ESF) was formed during the great reconstruction to help rebuild the earth after a devastating nuclear war. About five yeas after its formation, the ESF took official control of the entire earth.

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The ESF mechs are broken down into six battalions. Each battalion has a certain area of operations.

Esf battalion   war hounds

The War Hounds are “on-the-ground” troops specifically for Earth defense

Esf battalion   taurus

The Taurus Battalion operates in Geo Synchronous Orbit (GCO) around the earth.

Esf battalion   ebony flame

The Ebony Flame are tasked with protecting the space side of the space elevator.

Esf battalion   children of chaos

Esf battalion   blood fangs

The Blood Fangs are tasked with patroling the space between GSO and EL-L1. THeir captain is Sol Garrick who pilots the Proteus.

Esf batallion   sons of horus

Allied Earth Federation

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